Newborn Lifestyle photography

When you choose this genre of photography, please bear in mind that I photograph a reportage of your family. These poses are not forced, they are natural and follow the flow of your family. These photos are taken in the comfort of your own home, whether they are in Gumpoldskirchen, Mödling, Baden bei Wien, or Vienna, I will travel to your location. By all means, do contact me if you require a last minute session, I'm here to help and I'll make my best to fit you in!

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For posed newborn photography see the gallery of photos below this one

Neugeborene Fotoshooting bei Ihnen Zuhause

Family of mother, father and newborn laying down in a flokati rug in 1050 Vienna, Austria
Newborn hand touching female hand. Newborn breastfeeding in 1050 Vienna, Austria
Happy family sitting on a bed whilst holding baby's feet in 1050, Vienna, Austria
male hand in a fist with a newborn hand in a fist. Copyright Carlota Stewart. Do not use. Vienna, Austria
Mother and father holding a baby next to a backlit window in 1050 Vienna, Austria
Man holding a baby in an appartment in Vienna, Austria
Family of four, mother, father, toddler holding newborn dressed in blue in 1220, Florisdorf, Austria, Vienna
Family lovingly kissing a newborn baby in 1220, Florisdorf, Austria, Vienna
Mother holding her newborn baby wrapped in a khaki wrap.
Black and white photo of a loving family kissing holding a baby in a backlit window
hands touching baby feet in Mödling 2340, Austria
photo of mother hands holding baby feet in Vienna Austria
Happy couple smiling at each others whilst holding a baby in Mödling, Austria
Mother wearing a blue dress, looking at herself and her baby in the mirror in Mödling Austria
Father looking at his baby and woman in the mirror in Mödling 2340 Austria

Neugeborene Fotoshooting in Studio in Niederösterreich

Newborn Posed

Newborn posed photography only happens in my studio in Gumpoldskirchen. If you choose this type of photography, the baby will be put into different poses for this genre of photography in Studio. These sessions are not possible at home as special equipment such as light modifiers, beanbags, etc are impossible to transport. These type of sessions are best done when the baby is between 5-15 days old. All of my customers book these sessions well in advance during the pregnancy. Parents will not be photographed during these sessions and sessions last around 2-3 hours. Prices start at 299€. Customers that travel from Vienna (or anywhere else, will benefit of a direct carpark right outside the studio, there is no walking or hunting for parking space. Please email me for more information. Bookings at last minute might be possible, just ask!

Baby photographed sleeping with  moon pillow in Mödling Austria
baby wrapped and focus on his hands
baby sleeping on his front with arms crossed and blue overal
baby sleeping on top of a round brown pillow in Gumpoldskirchen, Austria
baby sleeping inside a rattan bed in Gumpoldskirchen Austria
baby sleeping inside a rattan bed in Mödling Austria
Baby sleeping with crown
Baby sleeping in toy bed in Mödling Austria
Baby sleeping in moon in Mödling Austria
Baby photographed sleeping with pink moon pillow in Mödling Austria
Newborn baby sleeping in prop  in Mödling Austria
Newborn baby girl sleeping with white clothes
Black and white photo of Newborn baby girl sleeping in Bezirk Mödling
Newborn photography baby girl inside a pink heart prop and flowers in Gumpoldskirchen, Austria
Photo of a newborn baby boy sleeping inside a dreamcatcher in Gumpoldskirchen, Austria

“I loved you from the very start. You stole my breath, embraced my heart. Our life together has just begun. You’re part of me, my little one."

-Author unknown