Newborn Lifestyle photography and what is it?

Sessions at your home in Vienna or in Lower Austria

Lifestyle Newborn photography is usually done in the comfort of your own home a few days after the baby is born or it can also be done as a Fresh48 session, where I come to your home and document the first 48 hours of your baby’s life and the family. Unlike the in-studio posed Newborn style, these sessions are for people who want to have a natural approach which is focused on the new family. This type of session is best is you wish to document the connections between each member of the family and the new baby. 

Please note, that here are fewer props (or none at all) used for this type of Newborn photography. During my sessions you are welcome to borrow a variety of wraps for the baby which look very nice during the photoshoot. The only props we use in your house are your own household items that will have a meaningful connection to you, for example, a teddy bear given as a gift by a relative or a bunch of flowers you received. But we wont be using studio props, as these are only meant to be use for a very different genre of photography, called Newborn Posed.

The advantage to these sessions is that the whole family can be included, even your pet! Usually, these sessions also last around 2-3 hours and we do not have to wait for the baby to fall asleep. A baby that is awake and alert can be incredibly curious and I love portraying their own little personalities!

When to Reserve a photoshoot?

Reserve your Newborn photo session by the end of your second trimester.


Baby foot in Mödling
Mother hugged by her partner whilst breastfeeding her newborn
Couple lovingly kissing their newborn baby in Vienna, Austria
Newborn baby held by hands
mother kissing her baby
Mother holding her newborn baby in her lap in Vienna, Austria
Big fathers hand and newborn baby hand
Mother breastfeeing her newborn in Vienna, Austria
Mother breastfeeding her newborn in Vienna Austria
Couple laying on the floor with newborn baby in Vienna and Lower Austria

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