Baby photos...

One thing that does not fail to impress parents is how quickly babies grow. One day, you are holding them with one hand and before you realise they are babies that have started crawling and can sit on their own! These are milestones that should be documented because they last only a few months in your childs life!

Milestones sessions in my studio are held at 6 months and at 1 year old. These sessions are usually short and sweet. They never last more than 1 hour so your little one does not get too bored.

Where are these sessions held? These are done in my photography studio in Gumpoldskirchen, which is not far away from Mödling and reachable by train from Vienna or by motorway in less than 30 min from Vienna city centre. I offer free carpark just right outside the studio.

I offer some small but cute outfits for these sessions and the setting is very simplistic. Please note that family (parents, siblings) photos are not included in this type of session. If you'd prefer a family session, I'd recommend an outdoor session as described in a family lifestyle session, please visit this link

If you'd like more information about these baby milestone photo shooting sessions, please send me a message using the form below.

Baby sitting inside a rattan bed
Baby sitting inside a boho rattan bed in Vienna, Austria
Most beautiful Baby photo sitting inside a Boho rattan bed in Vienna, Austria