What happens during a smash the cake session?

1. The portraits

When you book a cake smash photoshoot in my studio in Gumpoldskirchen, we will talk about outfits. Basically your baby will be wearing 2-3 outfits. The first outfit will be the outfit that the child will not be making dirty. This will be the cutest outfit you have already chosen. And this outfit will be used for the first part of the photoshoot, this is to break the ice with your little one, get your baby used to me, the camera and the flash strobes in studio. It can all be a little bit intimidating for your baby, and this is a good way to start and will help me gain the trust of your child.

Happy baby without shoes smiling whilst looking at bubbles. Image Copyrighted by Carlota Stewart
Happy baby without shoes smiling whilst looking at bubbles in Vienna. Image Copyrighted by Carlota Stewart

2. Smashing the cake

Once I've gained your baby's trust, we'll present your child with the cake. Hopefully your baby hasn't yet seen the cake so it will be a big surprise for your little one. I'll photograph all these cute moments when your child sees the cake for the first time and discovers it's delicious sweet taste. It is normal that some babies, dislike the texture of the cake and will cry. Do not despair at this point. I have many tricks under my sleeve to ease the situation. I will still take some pictures if your baby cries, this is absolutely normal. In a few years time you will think these pictures were funny after all! I promise you that!

baby touching a green cake with hand and blue piñata in background in studio in Mödling
Dirty baby foot with cake
baby eating a cake smash with hand and blue decor in background in studio in Mödling

3. Smash and splash

Now your little one is covered in cake, from top to bottom, its a big, big mess. Now your baby is ready for a bath! If your child is afraid of the water, we can skip this part, but it is a lovely part of the session which is included in the price of the Platinun package! And dont worry if you forgot the towel in Vienna, I got you covered for the smaller details. Check out the prices here.

Baby having a bath and bubbles floating in white background

Ready to book?

Send me a message and lets get the ball rolling! Don't wait or hesitate to take on this opportunity of beautiful memories for a cake smash for your child. Your baby will only be once one! And before you realise your child will be a teenager! Book now and use the form below to send me a message!

Cake smash baby photoshoot in Vienna, Mödling, Baden and Perchtoldsdorf by professional photographer Carlota Stewart