Buy an Album and donate the profits to combat the bushfires in Australia

Dear all,

As many of you know I’m a nature lover at heart. I’m always planning to go hiking somewhere and look after nature by picking up trash whenever I go, rescuing animals (I’ve lost the count already) as well as donating to charities to animal care and giving some of my spare time to the homeless and refugees. This time, I want to make something very meaningful, because the situation in Australia is absolutely alarming, since the beginning of the fires in 2019 more than 480 millions of animals have perished and it is believed many extinct!! There are also hundreds of people who have lost their homes, so I decided I will create a calendar which I will put for sale.

ALL PROFITS will be DONATED and split EQUALY into two organisations:

- The first one to the Firefighters who are risking their lives and need resources to combat the further propagation of fire to the New South Wales firefighters. This donation will directly benefit the volunteer firefighters on the frontline.

- The second organisation is the NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service (WIRES) which is also at the frontline rescuing animals.

Links at the bottom of this email, if you prefer to make a donation directly with them.

In addition, I will, from my own pocket add 1€ to each calendar purchased (to a maximum of 25 Calendars). I am giving away my time and my photos to produce this calendar.

All money donations to both charities will be made public (I won’t be disclosing any names)

Please donate to help today. Your support will help ensure future generations will get to see wildlife in the wild.

Description of the calendar:

The yearly calendar will display the days of the respective month and the days and the weekday and year are not displayed, so this calendar can be used this year or next year or in 2050!.

The cost of the calendar (to be confirmed as soon as I hear from my supplier) will be around 25€ plus shipping. From this, the profit is around 11€ per calendar sold, which I hope to be the amount to be donated. If my supplier lowers the cost, then the profit will be higher, therefore more money for the charities.

TO AVOID ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGES, WHICH WILL MAKE THIS MORE EXPENSIVE = LESS DONATIONS, I WILL MAKE A BULK ORDER BY THE 15TH JANUARY. Calendars ordered after the 15th January date will have to pay additional shipping charges.

To order the calendar, please follow this link: