About my Studio

Hello and nice to see you here! If you are here it is because you want to know a little bit more about what’s on offer in my studio and why you should choose to come to my studio when doing your newborn session instead of me coming to your house. 

The most important thing about my studio is that I have the best lighting setup for newborn photography. This is often difficult to achieve somewhere else. When I’m not using artificial lights, I have a big window with natural and indirect light that is really nice for this genre of photography. It allows me to take the best quality photos, because in photography, everything is about the light and I have, over the past years studied how the light falls in my studio and know the best locations and hours in the day for portraying my baby customers without having to guess what the light is going to be. 

Fotostudio in Mödling und Gumpoldskirchen

My studio in Gumpoldskirchen is nice and comfortable, there is a sofa where you can rest and breastfeed during the breaks, there is a bathroom, it is warm and small snacks will be provided. 

Needless to say, I have the cutest props to photograph your little ones, from cute backdrops for cake smash sessions to bowls and wraps and cute little outfits for the newborns, this means, that you don’t have to worry about buying clothes specially for your child’s photoshoot. Also I have some colour combinations that work really well together. However, you are always welcome to bring a special outfit for this session if you want your child to be photographed in it.

Family photo studio Mödling
Babyshooting und Cakesmash in Mödling und Gumpoldskirchen
Baby photo in Vienna, Neugeborene fotoshooting in Mödling

Another reason to come over to mine is because, I know, I get it and I’ve been there… you will probably still be sore after the birth, tired and sleep deprived. The last thing in the world right now you’d would want is to have someone in your house photographing for 4 hours and having to clean and perhaps serve me a snack, even though I really don’t mind how your house looks and I don’t expect anyone to serve me coffee or a snack but I am saying this because it is exactly what I did when I had a newborn photographer coming to my house when my son was born and he was only 5 days old. If I had been given the chance to go somewhere else, I would have gladly gone, getting a bit of fresh air and having to do nothing for that session would have been a blessing.

Here is a picture of me on that day, I don’t think I look particularly great but I’m sure you’ll understand. 

My studio is in Gumpoldskirchen and is only 30 minutes by car from Vienna city centre and 10 minutes from Baden or Mödling there is also a free carpark directly next to it, so you don't have to walk a long distance at all. The train is also very convenient being only a 5 minute walk from the train station.

I hope this blog entry has helped you to make an informed decision on why to come to my studio in Gumpoldskirchen, but please if you have any questions, write them in the section below, or drop me a private message.