Gift Vouchers and Corona

Hello everyone, I am sure, if you are a small business, self employed or work in a big corporation that you are very concerned about the financial implications that the corona virus will have on all of us. I, as a small business person, have been badly affected. My only photoshoots for the month of March and April have been cancelled and with it, my only source of income. On top of that, I still need to pay my insurance and permits for my trade. I’ve considered taking a job in a supermarket, but I am worried that it would increase my exposure to the virus and so put my family life at risk. Therefore at the moment, I'd rather not go down that route because as a mum, I feel a strong urge to protect my children.

So I’m here writing this small blog entry to ask for your support and to look forward to better times when life returns to normal after corona. I came up with the idea of selling gift vouchers which can be used towards a photoshoot. They are perfect to buy as a gift for a friend of yours, or for yourself in the future when things get better, but at the same time helping me to have a small income. These vouchers could be used for engagement sessions, newborn sessions, cakesmash sessions, family lifestyle sessions, portraits, headshots, you name it. They won’t expire until December 2021 and will give you something to look forward to during these difficult times. 

You can buy vouchers for as little as 20€. At the moment the vouchers will only be delivered online until the situation with the corona virus improves. 

I would love to hear from you, I promise, that if you buy a voucher, you or your friend will get the most beautiful pictures to remember and you will be helping someone to keep afloat her business. 

Much love to you, stay safe and healthy and thanks for reading this. 




❤If you'd like to buy a voucher, click on the picture below! ❤