Looking for a Newborn photographer in Austria?

but yet you do not know which style to go for? Let me help you

Before choosing a professional photographer for your newborn’s photos, you should consider the two different types of newborn photography available. And I make them both?

Lifestyle or Posed?

Lifestyle Photoshoot

Posed Newborn

Some photographers specialize in just one style, while others may shoot a variety. In this article, I’ll go over the two genres I offer: In-Studio Posed in Gumpoldskirchen, and Lifestyle whether you live in Lower Austria or Vienna, I'll come to your home.


In my studio in Gumpoldskirchen (Bezirk Mödling) I offer posed Newborn photography. It gives me a lot more creative freedom and I'm able to control of lights and environment. With this type of newborn photography, you get adorably posed sleeping babies wrapped up and using a variety of props. 

Expect to be in here in the studio for 2 to 3 hours, as you’ll end up feeding your baby a few times, waiting for him/her to fall into a deep sleep, and taking plenty of breaks as needed and dictated by your baby. I prefer to work with babies that are 3 to 1 days old. That’s because this is the optimal timeframe when babies can fall into a deep sleep and won’t startle much when touched and repositioned. 

In my studio, only sibling photos may be included in these type of sessions. Just keep in mind, though, this type of photography is heavily focused on getting solo variation portraits of the Newborn. It is recommended that you book at least 2 months in advance (when you are pregnant) as I usually get fully booked and I don't always have a spot at last minute.

Newborn baby sleeping in pink dolls bed in Mödling
Newborn baby sleeping with flower crown on forehead
Newborn baby sleeping with cream background in Austria
Newborn baby sleeping with a grey moon


Lifestyle Newborn photography is done in the comfort of your home. Unlike the in-studio posed newborn style, these sessions are for those who wish to have a more natural portraiture experience focused on the new family. This type of session is best for those who wish to document the connections between each member of the family and the new baby. 

There are no props used for this type of newborn photography. During my sessions you are welcome to borrow a variety of wraps for the baby which look very nice during the photoshoot. 

The advantage to these sessions is that the whole family can be included, even your pet! Usually these sessions also last around 2-3 hours and we usually do not have to wait for the baby to fall asleep. A baby that is awake and alert can be incredibly curious and I love portraying their own little personalities! 

Mother and father kissing baby
Father kissing baby hand in Vienna Austria
Father holding baby with hands on his chest in Vienna 5th district
family of three with mother and father and New-born baby boy in Vienna, Austria

When to book a Newborn photoshoot?

Reserve your session by the end of your second trimester. However, give yourself plenty of time before that to research the different types of newborn photography available and the photographers who offer them. This way, you’ll have already established a relationship with a few photographers of your choice and will be ready to reserve your session by the end of your second trimester.

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