Models no longer needed. All positions have been fulfilled and selected candidates have been already contacted. Should you want to be considered for a last minute cancellation, please fill in the form below and mention you'd like to be considered for a last minute cancellation.

Expecting mother needed

For Photoshoot in the district of mödling

I`m currently looking to work with an expectant mother which is at the end of her 2nd or 3rd trimester. I have a new dress in the studio and would love to show it on my website and Social media sites. I will ask you to fill in a questionnaire is to help us identify participants who are interested in a creative portrait session at my studio in Gumpoldskirchen. If I think you may be a good fit, I'll l contact you as soon as possible. Due to the number of submissions I receive, I wont be contacting everyone directly.

The images produced will be used in my marketing and advertising, on our website, in printed materials, and in photography industry competitions. You will be required to sign a model release to participate.

Please be aware, the nature of these photo shoots are physically demanding. We are experimenting with posing, lighting, and set techniques that will require patience, periods of standing, and a reasonable amount of movement. If you are experiencing a difficult pregnancy or your care provider has advised you to limit your physical activity in any way, we suggest you book a regular maternity session.

I will provide the following:

  • In-Person Consultation via video call
  • Wardrobe
  • Professional photo shoot
  • One 15x23 cm Fine-Art Print of your choice
  • 4 Digital High resolution files
  • A gallery where more photos can be purchased
  • 200€ Value
  • Please note, that no raw files will be delivered and only the best photos will be shown from the session. There will be around 20 photos in the gallery and you will be able to choose your favourite ones.

What we need from our model:

  • Signed model release.
  • An open mind and creative spirit!
  • Around Two hours of your time, at our studio, for the session.
  • Ability to travel to my studio in Gumpoldskirchen. If you need to come by train, I'll refund the travel cost provided you have a copy of the train tickets.
  • You will be allowed to bring in a couple of outfits if you desired to be photographed in these.
  • After booking the session failure to come to the studio or unexpected cancellations, unless is due to your health, the full session fee will be billed to you which is priced at 100€ as compensation for my time. Please let me know at least 24 hours

Please fill in the questionnaire below.

Applications not accompanied with photos will not be considered. Thanks!!