Mommy and me mini session

Hello, hello! And thank you for being here. The fact that you are here is because you are interested in being part of this photoshoot.

This is an exclusive Mommy and Me photo shooting. And you might ask why? Well, we as mums are always the ones taking the pictures of our partners and husbands with kids. At most, we do selfies of ourselves with the kids but we never seem to be happy with the results and I'm here to help you out! I will be taking photos of just you and your children, and of course... we'll take photos of dads or your partner too, we cannot leave them behind if you dont want to. But I want to emphazise that this 20 minute session is all about you!

When? 16th & 17th April!

And because I think it is important to have a memory that sits in your home, I will include a lovely print 13x18cm of one of the 5 images you chose, so you can frame it. I promise this photo wont get lost in the feed of your social media network! You will get to enjoy it every day of your life.

Where? This photoshoot will be held outdoors in the lovely village of Gumpoldskirchen (see map below), where I'm located. Is a lovely place, where you can go and have some really nice wine and a lovely meal at one of the many Heurigers in the neighbourhood. You will be spoilt for choice! You can make of this mini photoshoot a lovely afternoon!

Upon payment of the retainer, I will send you a styling guide so you can have ideas on what to wear.

What is included?

  • 5 digital photos in high resolution professionally edited in colour as well as in B&W
  • 20 min of your time (and mine! :) )
  • 1 professional print size 13x18cm (from one of the 5 final photos you chose)
  • Option to purchase more photos or the entire gallery.

How does it work?

  • Let me know you are interested in the session
  • I will send you a questionnaire so I get to know you better and choose your date and time for your session
  • Respond to my questionnaire
  • I'll send you the retainer invoice and you pay
  • Once the payment is received, I will send you confirmation of your session plus my personalized styling guide.
  • You will receive a remainder of the final payment a few days before the session.

Ready to book? send me a message using the form below.

Mother with a white dress and black long hair hugging child in Vienna

Full name please


  1. Where will the photoshoot be? The photoshoot will be in Gumpoldskirchen. Final location will be confirmed a few days before your session. Gumpoldskirchen is accessible by train and there are plenty of free carpark's around the area.
  2. What happens if it rains on the day? If rain is imminent, I will postpone the photoshoots for the following weekend.
  3. The photoshoot got postponed to the following weekend but I cannot make it. Will I lose my retainer? No. Your retainer will be valid for the next planned mini-session for fathers day.
  4. I changed my mind, can I get my retainer back? Within 72 hours of booking, yes. I will give you the retainer back minus administrative charges. However, if you don't come to the session, I will lose money and time. Your retainer covers my time photographing you which has been reserved exclusively for you. You, can however give your retainer to a friend if you think you cannot make it at all.
  5. I got sick on the day of the session. Can I get my retainer back? No. You can use your retainer for a future session. I allow rescheduling a max of one time.
  6. Will you share my photos? I will only share your photos if you allow me to. I feel immensely honoured by clients who allow me to share them. Please note, that I will never mention your name and all of my photos are copyright protected as well as they will bear my logo on top of your image.
  7. Will I get only Black and White photos? No. You will receive your photos in colour as well as a copy in black and white. You decide which one you want to keep!
  8. Can I purchase more photos? Absolutely! You will be able to purchase individual photos for a special price of 15.99€ or the rest of the gallery for 75€
  9. Can I screenshot the images? Absolutely no! You will be charged for the entire gallery if you do so.
  10. Will I receive the raw files? No. A raw file is not a finished product. This is like asking in a restaurant to give you the raw ingredients so you can cook them yourself.
  11. I'm a single mum, can I get a discount? Yes, you deserve to have pretty pictures of you too. And I know from my friends how hard it is for you when you have to bear with all the costs and not to be able to afford small luxuries. You will get a 10% discount.
Mother with green dress lifting baby in a park with green trees in Vienna on a sunny day