When is the best time to take the best Newborn photos?

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Ypu might be asking yourself, when is the best time to take Newborn photos? Well, it really depends on your baby and the style of photography that you are interested in investing. I call it an investment because you will cherish these photos no matter how old the baby was, but the sooner we take these photos, the better, so we can freeze a moment in time, when your baby was so small, you could carry your baby in one hand, and believe me, this period of time only lasts very little. Newborn babies grow incredibly quick.

There is no perfect timing to photograph your baby, this being said, when I photograph in the studio, the best time is between 5 days old and 12 days old. Why is this? because your baby will still be very sleepy, very likely wont have acne. You see, when your baby is very sleepy is much easier to achieve some beautiful poses in some of the lovely props I own.

Newborn baby sleeping inside a heart shape

What if my baby is older than 14 days old?

We can still take some wonderful photos, but please be aware that your baby is most likely be much more alert and your baby will notice the new environment in the studio. Some babies are perfectly fine and admire and love the new setting and others will take some time to settle down. If your baby is older than 14 days old, I absolutely recommend doing a lifestyle photoshoot instead! In this way, we will be able to capture the true essence of your baby, his/her personality is already starting to show, lets capture it! For more information about lifestyle photoshoots, please read this blog entry: Lifestyle photoshoot or Studio photoshoot?

What will happen if my baby does not settle down?

Don't worry, I have some tricks up my sleeve. Sometimes wrapping the baby will do the trick and make the baby fall asleep, but if everything else fails and your baby is unsettled for many hours, I will offer you the option to comeback another day. Sometimes, babies, as well as adults we have good days and bad days. You do not need to worry, we will make sure we'll make some cute photos anyway.

What if I prefer a more natural approach to photos and want photos in my home?

My photography style in Studio is very natural. I don't pose babies in strange poses that could have the potential to harm them. I always let the newborn lead me in what I can do what I cannot. However, if you prefer photos in your home environment, that is also perfectly fine, I can come to your home and take some wonderful photos. For more information on the differences between lifestlyle photography and posed studio newborn, please read my informative blog here

Newborn baby with a brown overal sleeping in Mödling, Austria
Newborn baby with a brown overall sleeping on a yellow flokati rug in Gumpoldskirchen Austria
Newborn baby sleeping on a hammock with pink roses

How much does it cost?

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