Your studio choices & newborn props in bezirk Mödling

In my studio, you will be offered a selection of props to use and depending on the package you choose you will up to 3 possible setups.


The setups could be different backgrounds on the bean bag or 2 props and the beanbag, there is a lot of variety and combination for this type of newborn photography genre.


1.    I use soft materials. Your baby’s delicate skin will no touch hard surfaces

2.    I use only hypoallergenic baby detergent which is the best for the soft babies skin.  

3.    Props are disinfected before each studio session

4.    When using props, I will always suggest that one of the parents is next to the baby to avoid any jerky movements.

5.    Your Newborn baby will always be comfortable. I do not do froggy poses or any poses that could strain the baby’s neck or hips. I read the clues of the baby and if one pose is uncomfortable, I will move your son/daughter to a different position. In my opinion, there is no need to do unnecessary poses that could put your baby’s health at risk or making him/her uncomfortable. The most important rule is that the baby always comes first. It doesn’t matter how beautiful something is; if it’s not safe or comfortable, leave it out of your Newborn photography session.

6.    Temperature. The temperature in the room will be very hot, this is to ensure your baby wont get cold when undressed. Newborns, do not have the capacity of regulate body temperature and a warmer room will keep a baby comfortable.

7.    Most of my props are purchased specifically for studio Newborn photography and are purposely made for their use.

These are some examples of the setups I can do in studio. These setups can be modified to your taste on the day of the photoshoot. I want you to look at them and tell me which ones are your favourites, so I can have some of these prepared before you come to the studio. 

Newborn sleeping with white pyjamas in bed photography in Mödling

One of the props in use