Newborn photoshoots in Vienna or in Mödling at your home


Hello! And thank you for being here. You probably landed here by a search on google because you either have a brand new baby or are expecting one and want to take some of the most beautiful photos of the newest addition to your life.


I am here to help you out. Newborn photography at home goes under the name of Lifestyle newborn photography and it is normally done in the comfort of your own home.


These sessions can be as soon as you arrive from hospital, so I can photograph every little detail of your newborn and document your daily life on the first days.


This style of photography is a documentary photography, you will not be posing for the photos, nor will I be posing the baby. As a matter of fact, the baby will be in your arms the whole time or sleeping in the cot or bed or in the grandparents arms. Nothing is faked here. I will however prompt you into some activities to do with the baby, so I can maximise the quality of the light and composition of your photos. This is a very natural approach which is focused on you as a whole new family and is best if you want to document the connection between all the members of your family and the new baby, including your pet if you want to.


Do, however note, that in Lifestyle Newborn photography, I will not be using any props at all. There won’t be posing of the baby on tiny beds or buckets at all. Baby will be photographed whether he/she is awake or asleep. A baby that is awake and alert can be very curious and I love capturing their own little personalities. All the tiny creases and flakes will not be photoshopped, so in the years to come, you can remember the tiny hands and feet and the brand-new skin.


When to Reserve a photoshoot?

Call me as soon as your baby is born, and we’ll arrange a date that is most suitable for you. The sooner the better as I will be able to photograph your newborn. And if you want to ensure that I have availability for you, I strongly recommend sending me a message 1 month before your baby is born so we can start arranging the details.


How can I prepare for this photoshoot?

Don’t worry. As soon as we arrange the photoshoot, I will send you a guide on how to prepare for the session. The most important thing here is that you feel comfortable and think about what you wear as this can age your photo quite quickly, so think of neutral colours such as browns, khakis, off whites and classical outfits. Avoid any clothing with patterns, logos, bright colours and black. I will also send you a style guide explaining these details that are often overlooked but contribute a lot on how your pictures will look like; for example, if you like a light and airy look, avoid wearing a red dress and the baby a bright pink outfit, it will simply not work for a bright and airy look. This guide will only be sent to you once the photoshoot has been confirmed.


Please click here to see a list of my prices and if you’d like to book, send me a message.


If you prefer a photoshoot in my studio with beds and bowls and in props as well as newborn photos of your baby wrapped, please read the following blog entry for newborn photography in my studio in Gumpoldskirchen. 

Invest in memories, not in things, because we should remember and cherish those beautiful moments in life

Viennese family with newborn baby sitting on the couch and kissing
Family sitting on a couch. Father is kissing mother and small child is kissing newborn
father sitting on staircase and tenderly leaning towards his son and holding baby in Vienna, Austria
mother holding newborn baby looking outside the window in Vienna, Austria
father standing in Vienna park and tenderly carrying vienna, Austria whilst his son is holding onto his leg
father is holding his son in the air in front of a window in Vienna, Austria
mother hugging her newborn and looking at her cat in front of a window in Vienna, Austria
mother hugging her baby who is looking at her reflection in the mirror laughing in Vienna, Austria
mother standing in front of a window kissing her newborn baby in Austria, Vienna
Mother standing in front of a window looking at her siamesse cat in Vienna, Austria whilst holding baby
mother laying down in bed with baby in Vienna, Austria
father and son playing whilst laying down on the couch in Vienna, Austria