Photos in the snow in Vienna and Lower Austria


Hello and welcome to my blog! I’m Carlota from Carlota Stewart photography and I love the fact that you are interested in reading my blog about a photoshoot in the snow!


So, as we are in lockdown at the time of writing this post and the only people I should be mixing with are my family who I live with, we all decided to go out to the mountains to do a lovely photoshoot in the snow in the forests outside Vienna.


Well, as this location is a hidden gem, I will not be disclosing it, but I will tell you that around the Anninger in the district of Mödling and Baden there are many similar places to this one and they are all beautiful.


So, we ventured to some woods which are around 40 min from Vienna, we wrapped up appropriately for the photoshoot (oh the irony) (photo of me with the white top)


Photographing my own kids is not easy, they suffer from a well known condition called the Photographers Child syndrome, yes, they are fed-up with me trying to make memories the whole time. Why? Because I’ve seen how quickly they are growing and soon will leave the nest. I want to make sure that I have a lot of photos of them, as I don’t have any of myself at this age. It is perfectly normal that teenagers don’t want to be photographed by their mum, but this needs to be done and the best solution I could come up with to overcome this aversion is to actually have them playing with the snow, they are still kids inside! We also brought our dog and they love our dog Diego so much, that they are more than willing to be photographed with him. Do you have a dog in your household? Dogs are part of the family too and also deserve to be photographed! 


I know some spectacular locations for some photos in the snow close to Vienna, particularly in the area of Mödling and Baden.


Photo sessions in the snow are not easy to plan, usually they have to be planned last minute depending on the weather, so if we know that it’ll be snowing tomorrow, just give me a ring now to plan a session for tomorrow! These are the only exceptions I do for photoshoots, as normally I get booked up for other sessions with at least 3 weeks in advance. So look at your weather forecast in Vienna, is it planning to snow sometime this week? Send me a message now and let's organise it!

teenager boy in the Vienna woods with white swiss shepherd dog
teenager boy in the Vienna woods with white swiss shepherd dog in the snow
teenager Girl with black hat in the Vienna woods with white swiss shepherd dog in the snow
father and daugther laughing in the snowy Viennese woods
father and daugther hugging in the snowy Viennese woods
Smiling teenage girl in the Snow in Austria in Mödling
Family posing for a photo with a white dog in district of Mödling in the snow