So, you are here because you want PPP (Professional Pretty Pictures) of your family but do not know where to start and how it is done????

I’m based in Gumpoldskirchen, district of Mödling in Austria (I'm just 30min south of Vienna) .

Well, it is very simple. First of all, you should decide what type of photography you want. Do you want to celebrate your child's first birthday with a Cake Smash, or maybe you’d like to photograph your newborn, or maybe you want maternity photos together with your family? Once you’ve decided what to go for, you’ll need to contact me. You can do so by clicking here:

I will then explain in better detail the prices and what you will get via an email but to summarize it:

- Most of my packages include 10 digital photos (with the exception of Mini photoshoots that only include 5 digital photos) and their matching prints.


How will I see these photos? Can I choose them? Yes, of course, you can choose them! You will always have the option to choose the photos you love the best and you will do so in an online gallery, but don’t worry it isn’t difficult at all! All of the pictures you will get in the gallery would have been pre-selected and fully edited! You will get more than enough pictures to make your final selection. For example, if your package includes 10 photos, you will get around 30 pictures for you to choose your final 10. And what happens if I want more than just 10 photos? No problem… you can purchase individual digital files, purchase a package of 5 or purchase the entire gallery at a highly discounted price!


So the photos are pre-selected and edited. What does that mean? That means that you will only get to see the best pictures. For example, you will never get to see the bad photos, for example: photos with your eyes closed, yawning, or blurry pictures. The editing consists of simple changes to the light, tonality of the colours and sharpening. Please note, that I do not do body modifications or “Beauty Retouch”. For example, if you want to lose 10 kilos on your photos, you want a smaller nose, darker skin or straight hair. I’m pro body-positivity and I’m against any changes that will alter the real you!


I hope this has helped you to make a decision and if you need to ask me more questions, just fire away and contact me on the link above!

Send me a message here if you need more information about a lifestyle photoshoot with your family, need photos for your baby or a smask the cake session.



Newborn Photography Mödling - Carlota Stewart
Newborn Photography Austria - Carlota Stewart
Newborn Photography Vienna- Carlota Stewart
Newborn Photography Vienna- Carlota Stewart- Baby professional photographer