How to prepare for a cake smash photoshoot


So you probably live in Vienna and have a little baby that is about to turn one year old and have been planning to invest in a Cake Smash photo shoot, then you’ve come to the right place! 😊. My studio is located in Gumpoldskirchen (Bezirk Mödling) which is only 30 min on the motorway from central Vienna and I offer a free carpark directly attached to it. There is no walking!, please click on the map at the end of the blog to see my location. 


This guide will help you plan a stress-free session and adorable pictures because a first birthday is an emotional milestone for you and your child and it’s a time you’ll want to remember and to make the most of it, we should take the time to think about the logistics of planning this session. 

Plan the Outfit: Plan the outfit many days ahead of the photoshoot. Inevitably, the outfit you planned on using will likely be stained with the cake. I can provide you with some cute outfits and you are welcome to use them if you want. Shoes are completely unnecessary as you will want to have some cute shots of little toes. 

Cake_Smash_Outfit_Baby_Fotograf_Wien_Baby_photoshooting_Vienna_Mödling- Carlota Stewart

Small Snacks (but not for snacking): Sometimes it happens that your baby is disinterested in the cake, especially if this is their first experience with cake or lots of sweetness. Bring along a few of your child’s favourite small snacks that can be stuck in the icing (out of view of the camera). This may entice your little one to start sticking their hands in the cake just to get at the familiar snacks. That may be enough to get the (cake) ball rolling!


Trust me: If your child isn’t involved in smashing the cake, I have a few tricks up my sleeve to ensure cute pictures. Sometimes children do freak out at the look of the cake or its texture. This is perfectly normal. I will still continue taking pictures and with a few tricks up my sleeve, your baby will probably be fine in a few minutes. Please note, I will never force a baby to look at the camera or to smile.


Changes of Clothes … for everyone: I’m sure you’ve already planned to bring one, or many, changes of clothing for your child. But cakes have icing. And icing in the grips of tiny fingers will end up spread everywhere, including all over mom and dad. You’re definitely going to want to bring a change of clothes for everyone who will be there. Or at least layer an old t-shirt over your outfit that you can just pull off after the shoot. And make extra sure that you have brought along a bag large enough to contain everyone’s soiled clothing.

 What to bring checklist

  • Child Change of clothes
  • Back up outfit Adult
  • Change of clothes
  • Bag for soiled clothes
  • Wipes
  • Towel
  • Small Snacks
  • Payment

Getting to know you

Once you have booked your session with me, it will really help me to plan the photoshoot by sharing a bit of essential information that will help me to connect with you and your baby before you arrive to Gumpoldskirchen, I will send you a questionnaire with all of the info needed, so I can plan accordingly.

Smash the cake, photoshoot in Vienna. Cake Smash fotoshooting in Mödling

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