How to get the best family photos

How do you get the best photos of yourself during a photoshoot?

Not long ago, I read on a Facebook post that a person was not happy with her pictures because she read some suggestions on Pinterest on how to look great and she followed it through, the results were awful. She contradicted her photographer and trusted more the advice she found on the net. 


My main aim, during your photoshoot whether it is in the city of Vienna, or in a front of a Castle somewhere in Austria, is to show you how perfect you already are! Please trust what I do as this is my main job. Yes, we can guide ourselves with some help found on the net, but I’ve always thought that we should trust the professional that is offering us the service. For example, if you are feeling sick for several days, the best course of action would be to go to a doctor and not hit the internet, by now we all know that self-diagnosing ourselves is a really bad idea.


Of course I don’t want to compare myself with a doctor, but I’m a professional photographer and I have some standards for my sessions because I only want the best for you. These are, and not necessarily in order:

  • That you have an amazing experience with a photoshoot, whether in Vienna or in the forests or mountains in Austria. A family photoshoot should be a memorable moment that you want to capture for a long time to remember. A photoshoot with me, is not a passport photo that you will carry in your document and even be embarrassed to show it to Passport control officials, because let’s face it, who likes how they look in their passport photos. No, no, no! This is about a whole experience that I want you to remember proudly with your loved ones. And I promise you, I want you to love your photos and think these are the best photos ever, because your had an amazing time.
  • I want you to feel loved! If I’m capturing a moment with your family, I want you to realize that the way you are as a family is just perfect. I want you to see how much you are loved and how much you love your kids, of course! So you can rejoice this moment in 30-40 years time with your grandchildren.
  • I will make my best effort to guide you so you look your best. I don’t believe there is one perfect body shape. I believe we should all love ourselves the way we are, but I also believe we all want to look great. I will guide you and prompt you and to my best ability I will take your best angles. Please note, that I will not do photoshop surgery to make you look thinner or fatter or taller or your ears look smaller or change the color of your eyes. I want you to be you.  

So if you are ready for a photoshoot and trust me as your photographer, please send me a line! Click on this link to my contact page so you can ask me any questions or doubts you'll have before deciding if I'm the best photographer for you.

Looking forward to hear from you soon!



Baby boy sitting on top of mothers shoulder photographed in Laxenburg, Austria
Baby boy sitting on top of mothers shoulder and holding with hands photographed in Laxenburg, Austria
cute family photographed where mother and father are kissing baby in front of a lake in Laxenburg Austria
Family of three with baby and poodle dog posing for photograph in Franzesburg castle, Laxenburg, Austria
Brown Puddle dog at the front of the photo of family of three with baby are sitting behind in a park Mödling Austria