Weather in Austria and when to do a photoshoot?

Hello you! This is a rather difficult question since I cannot pick a favourite time of the year. I honestly believe we can photograph anytime of the year and also during grey skies and dull weather, in Austria we have it all!!! And saying just this I remember that one of my best photoshoots was actually an engagement session during rain and I was not able to postpone the shot, it had to be done on that date! So, to answer your question, when is the best time of the year to do outdoor family portraits?, It is all year long. However, to make a success photoshoot session, there are a few factors I’d like you to particularly consider: 

  1. Temperature! If its scorching hot and your kids will be upset and sweaty adults, we would need to reconsider our time for the photoshoot, making sure to photograph later in the day when is cooler and making sure to find some shade. The same applies for extreme cold conditions, however sometimes photos in the snow can be fun if we are wearing appropriate clothing! 
Couple kissing in the snow in Austria in the woods in winter
Teenager posing next to his white dog in the snow woods in Lower Austria
Family walking in the snow in the woods in Lower Autria with a white swiss shepherd dog

2. What would you like to be wearing in your photos? If you take your photos in the spring or summer you will likely be dressed in clothing that is a bit more, well, summery. Typically, brighter colours and more casual. If you have your photos taken during autumn or winter you will be wearing more layers, have more rich and bold colours, and may even need to wear a coat. So, think about the aesthetic you prefer whilst being comfortable.  

Family playing in the autumn leaves in Vienna, Austria
Schonbrunn palace gardens in Autumn in Vienna, Austria
Family of 4 hugging in Autumn in Vienna, Austria

3. Consider the start time. Remember how long the days are in the summer. For the best light we try and schedule our shots an hour before sunset. In the summer this can mean that your session may not start until around 7:30pm. Now don’t worry, we can do sessions in the morning too if you have kiddos that can’t handle a late start time. In the autumn the start time is late afternoon, sometimes as early as 3:30pm which can be difficult for weekday sessions when you have to consider work schedules and in winter we can do sessions at 11 am!

4. Think about the type of location you would like your photos taken at in relation to the time of year. For example, autumn brings beautiful colour so a park like the Schonbrunn in Vienna or Laxenburg park in Lower Austria, where they will be a perfect location because of the lovely yellows and red colours. Summer sunsets at the mountains like in Salzburg or in Innsbruck are gorgeous and the mountains can be quite cold during autumn and winter. During Spring and beginning of Summer, one of my favourite destinations to photograph is the Volksgarten in Vienna. It is absolutely gorgeous with all the Roses around. But I also know some other Rose gardens outside Vienna, of the beaten path, less touristy and equally beautiful! Just ask me here.

5. One last and very important thing! I want you to be comfortable, I want your children to have fun! If the weather is inclement, like stormy or extremely hot, we will reschedule to a more suitable date! I just want you to have a lovely experience with your family at any time of the year that you will remember for a long time.

If you are still trying to figure out what type of location you would like your session at, you can see an article I wrote about locations in Vienna here

Mother blowing bubbles to toddler in Charles church in Vienna Austria
Family of three posing for a photograph in front of Charles Church in Vienna in Spring
Father and daughter playing in Vienna City Centre for a family photoshoot

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Carlota Stewart Photographer in Action with her camera in the snow in Lower Austria, Mödling

Please detail as much as possible the type of photoshoot you have in mind! I have a comprehensive list of prices in my website under the "Investment" tab, please check them out and if you need something different from what is offered, let me know here.