Maternity photography in Vienna & Lower Austria


Bis zu 2 Stunden Fotoshooting in Location
Passwortgeschützte Onlinegalerie
20 HD digitale Fotos deiner Wahl
Max 4 Personen
Jede weitere person 20€
Option, um mehr Fotos zu kaufen



Add a video to your family/maternity photoshoot
Price only available when booking a family or maternity outdoor photoshoot!


Maternity photography in Studio

Studio Maternity

Bis zu 2 Stunden Fotoshooting in Studio
Passwortgeschützte Onlinegalerie
10 HD digitale Fotos deiner Wahl
Max 2 Personen
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Option, um mehr Fotos zu kaufen



When is the best time to photograph my pregnancy?

I recommend shooting any time between weeks 28 and 36

When will I get my photos

Your photos will be ready between 2-3 weeks

What can I wear for my photoshoot?

I will send you a detailed styling guide upon reserving your photoshoot. Additionally, I have a small but beautiful selection of maternity dresses you can borrow for your session.

What happens if its foggy, or rains?

I will only postpone a photoshoot if rain is imminent. I won't postpone a session if it's foggy or cloudy. These days have often the most beautiful light, believe me and trust me ❤️

Where can we have the session?

You can choose between outdoors or my studio. For outdoors photoshoots, just ask me and I'll send you a .pdf file with some suggestions for the photoshoot.

How many pictures will I get?

This depends on the package you have purchased. You will always be able to make a selection of your final photos. The photos presented to you will be fully edited in light colour and contrast and many photos will be deleted for technical faults, such as closed eyes, bad lighting, out of focus. I do not provide raw images

Can I see raw photos?

No. Raw photos are not my final work. You will only see the photos fully edited.

Can I buy more photos

Yes, you can, each digital file costs 21.99€

Do you make discounts?

Usually not. However, if you book more than one session, your second session will have a 10% discount.


  • Prices are not negotiable.
  • To book your session you must pay 50% of the total session fee. This retainer is not refundable and covers the initial cost of my services on the day of the photoshoot. The rest of the photoshoot must be paid in advance to the session or on the day of the session. Failure to pay on time will result in delays of your edits. Unpaid sessions means that no editing will be stared, neither photos released to the customer.
  • Make up is not included. If you desire to have some professional make up, just ask me.
  • Raw or un-edited photos will not be provided, neither shown.
  • Extra digital photos can be purchased for 21.99€
  • Beauty Retouch is not included. Your photos, as all seen on my website, will be edited in light, colour and contrast. Minor skin issues such as a small pimple are included in my editing, however if you require editing on extreme cases of acne or body modifications these will incurr extra fees. The price will be calculated per photo and depending on how long the editing might take. Please consult if you have a special need for beauty retouches.
  • Travel fees are not included in outdoor shootings. A radio area of 3km is included within my location in Gumpodskirchen, if further away, I charge pro km 0,55cents both ways.
  • Repeat customers enjoy a 10% discount.
  • Optional á la carte products